Quick Start ⚑
Tips on Deploying a Ricardian LLC NFT
On LexSummoner, a simple 'legal dao vending machine' built by LexDAO, you can do a 1-click deployment of a Moloch V2 DAO (designed for clubs and venture) while also minting an NFT to signify Ricardian LLC registration.
Essentially, a "Minion" vault is deployed that is controlled by your DAO and holds the Ricardian NFT, which also bearing the document stamp (ricardianllc.eth) in its deployment events.
​This template mirrors the on-chain Ricardian agreements and provides a familiar web2 dashboard and emailed docs, with the benefit of being able to either mint a Ricardian LLC registration NFT, or ALSO, deploy a DAO on daohaus.club that holds this NFT and reflects an "LLC DAO."
user selects between minting Ricardian to wallet or deploying DAO with Ricardian registration
drop-down menu of dao settings
NOTE: Currently, DAOs have are preset to have 2-day voting, 1-day grace period, and no proposal deposit requirements.
also include email to get copy of docs
execute web3 calls on OpenLaw
NFT is forwarded into a 'minion' app, also accessible on daohaus
Find resulting LLC-DAO on daohaus.club: Ricardian LLC DAO​
Call ricardianllc.eth with 0 ETH to receive a new Ricardian NFT.
Using template language, proposals can signify and execute Ricardian wrapping for DAO:
Selecting a contract tx from Gnosis Safe, the functions will populate by inputting ricardianllc.eth
copy the Safe address from top for `to`
Call the mintLLC() function on the Ricardian etherscan UI. The inputted to account will receive the NFT. Set 0 as the payableAmount (Ricardian is currently "no fee" to mint).
Ricardian NFTs are governed by the Ricardian Operating Agreement and LexDAO.
The Ricardian NFT collection can be checked on sites like OpenSea.
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