What does joining Ricardian cost? πŸ’Έ

It is free, though users must cover their own Ethereum transaction costs ("gas").

In terms of legal costs, LexDAO already completed the filing of the Certificate and maintenance of the registered agent service for the next year as a public benefit.

Going forward, the total maintenance cost of Ricardian LLC "Master" and derived Series LLCs is estimated at $345 per year, including the Delaware franchise tax and registered agent fees. This cost, however, is seemingly asymmetric to the net plus of making LLC formation and operation truly internet-native and is within the mission of LexDAO as stated in its constitution.

Ricardian LLC users should feel confident in long-term LexDAO support. Questions and feedback concerning Ricardian LLC formations can be raised in a dedicated community chat.

The initial matter of fees to create or maintain a Ricardian LLC listing may be put to the snapshot vote of LEX token holders. For information on minting, see below "How do I mint a Ricardian LLC, Series NFT?"

NOTE: Users should be aware that per the Disclaimers in the Master LLC and Series LLC templates, the Ricardian Series LLC network is experimental in nature and subject to LexDAO revocation. Ricardian is in soft launch -- currently, the legal template is positioned for DAOs and other accounts that easily demonstrate separate membership and holdings.

*The Ricardian NFT contract provides the opportunity to collect minting fees in ether (ETH) should LEX holders and LexDAO decide to implement.

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